E3Sports utilizes a program designed with an emphasis on assessment, athletic development training and analysis of sport metrics in order to mitigate injury and elevate performance.


E3Sports creates custom programs for before, during & after school.  All programming utilizes Brain Gym protocols, the DOE’s Move-to-Improve curriculum, and the latest fitness research.


E3Sports serves as a recruiting and placement agency for professional sport coaches.  All of our coaches are certified and undergo professional development education throughout the season.


Top 5 List

With 2015 winding down, now is an optimal time to get set up for the upcoming new year. Here are 5 super easy things you [...]

Riverdale Championship

Coach Andrew FitzGerald lead the Riverdale Country School Boys Varsity Soccer team to a back-to-back NYSAIS title, with a 2-0 victory over #5 seed UNIS. [...]

E3Sports in the Schools

E3Sports is excited to be working with so many students in multiple boroughs from ages 5 through 18 in this new school year! We have [...]

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