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Remembering the “Student” in “Student Athlete”

With school starting, it’s essential to start the year off right. Athletic talent can certainly open doors for academic opportunities, but being a “student” is a critical part of being a “student athlete”. There are more than 460,000 NCAA student athletes – fewer than 2% will go pro in their sport. The overwhelming majority of [...]

The Importance of Posture and Athletic Base Stability

While working with the great athletes of the New Heights Basketball summer camp, we’ve been stressing a lot about good posture and having a strong athletic base. For the campers, we demonstrated the difference between optimal body position and what looks like a hunched position. They could see the difference in the improvement to guard [...]

Creator of Nike Pitch Fit Workout

Inspired by the Women’s World Cup commencing in June 2015, Nike is promoting its soccer inspired “Pitch Fit” workouts exclusively for girl’s soccer clubs and consumers in the tri-State area. E3Sports Co-Founder and Director of Performance, Andrew FitzGerald, was selected by Nike to create and curate a functional program design that decreases injury potential and [...]

E3Sports Training Can Help You to a Happy and Healthy 2015

As the premier sports performance company with an emphasis on enhancing athletic ability and reducing injury potential, E3Sports continues to research the most effective ways to safely train the human body to maximize performance. E3Sports combines proven training methods with innovative research and technology to maximize personal training and ensure healthy and productive workouts. Our [...]

Better Warm-ups and Exercises Can Help Reduce ACL Injuries for Children

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia uncovered recent data showing a 400% increase in ACL tears treated at their facility from 1999 to early 2011 increasing 11% annually. This is an alarming fact among children and E3Sports believes it can be dramatically reduced. The culprit of this specific injury is the rise of organized sports and [...]

Is Better Overall Stability Your Goal? Then Know Your Roll!

If you have a full round foam roll, then you should pick up one of its cousins: the half foam roll. While the full roll is primarily used for working out the knots in cranky muscles, the half roll is perfect for improving overall stability from the ground up. They come in two sizes: 1-foot [...]

E3Sports Helps Put New York City on the MLB Scouting Map

One of the teams E3Sports works closely with is The New York Grays Baseball Club. The NY Grays were interested in professional performance training for their athletes at the highest level. They asked E3Sports to educate their athletes utilizing both our custom designed Injury Prevention and Athletic Development programs. Each age group participates in a [...]

Inception of E3Sports

My name is Andrew FitzGerald and I am the Co-Founder of E3Sports. Back in 2005, I saw a growing need for education, training, and lifestyle behavior modification among student-athletes in New York City. While brainstorming ideas with a personal training client and future business partner (Andrei Lloyd), we agreed many could benefit from injury prevention [...]