Want to be a part of the fastest growing performance training company in the tri-state area? E3Sports is looking for the best of the best to implement the latest athletic development programs for individuals, groups, and teams throughout New York City. Positions are regularly available in the following divisions:

By utilizing a functional movement model of fitness, E3Sports develops unique program design for individual athletes based on their own movement patterns. This research-based protocol allows for training to maximize overall efficiency in movement patterns to reduce the risk of overuse or repetitive stress injuries and thereby increasing overall athletic development. Work with individuals, small groups, teams, and many more in a diverse setting.
Understanding all public and private schools have different physical education needs, E3Sports has created custom designed programs for before, during, and after school hours. To best meet the needs of schools and their communities, we offer fitness programs for any time of the day. Positions are available for the duration of the school year.
The increasing number of youth teams demands knoweldgeable coaches, which is why E3Sports recruits top coaches to support school sports programs throughout New York City. Positions are available in several sports at various age levels. This opportunity is a great way for aspiring coaches to gain valuable leadership experience in their sport as well as veteran coaches to inspire the next generation of student athletes. Positions are seasonal (Fall, Winter, Spring).

Join The Team

E3Sports is the premier health and wellness company. We provide childhood development programs within schools, research based personal training for individuals and groups, and sports coaches for middle and high school teams. See what positions are available below and fill out the online form to apply.

Job Summary: Provides support to the head coach in both team logistics and planning/technical strategic execution. Provide daily reporting summaries directly to E3Sports and incorporate E3Sports methodology in day-to-day team operations.

Compensation: $2,000 to $4,500 Monthly

Employment Type: Contractor

Location: New York, NY

Division: Coaching

Reports to: Director of Operations

FLSA status: 1099-Independent Contractor


  • Communication – ability to communicate via phone, text, and email in a timely manner. Required to provide session notes in accordance with E3Sports metrics and policies.
  • Organization – must be able to handle team logistics including, but not limited to, team attendance protocols, equipment maintenance, and practice/game reporting.
  • Dependability – must be available for the entire season. Must be able to meet the team at the specified meeting location minimally fifteen (15) minutes prior to scheduled start time.
  • Initiative – desire to learn and grow as a professional and individual.

Job Qualifications:

  • Required skills – energetic, enthusiastic, organized, have voice projection, physical presence, willingness to be hands-on, ability to demonstrate and breakdown lacrosse skills, full understanding of the girls lacrosse game rules as well as the variations that may occur, full strategic understanding of the game, and ability to demonstrate general physical skills.
  • Required certifications – valid CPR/AED, First Aid, and Concussion.
  • Preferred education – Bachelor’s Degree
  • Preferred experience – 1 to 3 years AAU/club or collegiate playing experience, 1 to 3 years coaching experience, or a combination of both.
  • Desired experience – 3+ years playing, coaching, personal training, or combination of all.

Physical Demands: Must be able to physically demonstrate elements of general fitness and technical basketball skills.

Work Environment: All sessions will take place indoors or outdoors, contingent upon the team schedule and weather conditions. Must be able to attend meetings as scheduled by E3Sports or affiliated school/league and coordinate schedule to accommodate meeting times.

Projected Schedule / subject to change:

  • Estimated start date – immediate
  • Estimated end date – Friday, May 15, 2017
  • Meeting days – Monday through Friday 3 to 5 days a week
  • Meeting location – Upper East Side (Manhattan) at the school
  • Practice/game location(s) – school gym, Central Park, Randall’s Island, or occasionally another off-site location
  • Playoff potential – N/A
E3Sports is at E3Sports.Thursday, October 10th, 2019 at 5:05pm
It’s not a small world after all! Recently, the World Obesity Federation released a very alarming report regarding children worldwide. By 2030, more than a QUARTER BILLION children will be obese!
The number of adolescents classified as obese is expected to swell from the current 158 million globally to 250 million! This increase is due to a rise in “Western-style” junk food diets high in sugar, oil, starch, and fat. In addition to becoming more sedentary and expending less energy.
The US is expected to have the 3rd highest number of obese kids by 2023. At E3Sports, we strive to combat the rise in obesity by educating our youth about exercise and nutrition to help them evolve into adults with healthy and sustainable lifestyle behaviors!
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Saturday, November 2nd, 2019 at 2:29pm
💪 What a performance from @Harrison_Jack11 today! The winger claimed his fourth assist in five games and went on to double #LUFC's lead in the second half.

Here are Harrison's stats from the 2-0 victory at Elland Road. 👇 #EFL #MOT @YorkshireProPav https://t.co/tdDgnkKfOZ
Wednesday, October 16th, 2019 at 7:52pm
MMA fighter Dillon Danis took action when he saw a teenager being bullied 🥋

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Thursday, October 10th, 2019 at 2:05pm
It’s not a small world after all! Recently, the World Obesity Federation released a very alarming report regarding children worldwide. By 2030, more than a QUARTER BILLION children will be… https://t.co/Jtvh0eWvpX
Tuesday, August 27th, 2019 at 4:31pm
E3Sports is excited to announce our launch with BridgeAthletic! BridgeAthletic is a sports performance training software that will allow our athletes and clients to access programs directly from their phone or… https://t.co/xVMtc5ry9O
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Daniel James' debut goal for Manchester United meant a little more. https://t.co/POaZ12brXH