Founded in March 2005 by Andrei Lloyd and Andrew FitzGerald, E3Sports has always kept the objective of athletes at heart. Andrew was one of ten trainers invited to the first Athlete’s Performance Seminars in 2003. In his studies, Andrew brought the knowledge of the Functional Movement System (FMS) and the concept of mastering body weight for optimal performance and proactively reducing overuse/repetitive stress injuries from common, non-contact activities.

Both Andrei and Andrew coached at the Dalton School and together started E3Sports to apply these FMS concepts amongst the student athlete population via the teams they directly worked with. The first few years were very diverse – there was a need in a wide variety of populations! The first official client was a team named the Philadelphia Flying Phoenix – a dragon boat racing team of female cancer survivors. Shortly thereafter, E3Sports began working with Dr. Jordan Metzl and the Hospital of Special Surgery in the quest of educating athletes to be smarter on the field.

Since its inception, E3Sports has an incredibly diverse programming options for virtually any locations, any population, and any activity. Our clients include children, weekend warriors, aspiring college athletes, professional athletes, theatre groups, fitness fanatics, or anyone who wants to just feel better. Our programs have traveled across the country and we are always researching new ways to strengthen our athletes.

It is our mission to:

  • Fully develop the body and mind of student and adult athletes.
  • Reduce the risk of injury by improving lifestyle behaviors, human body performance and athletic development.
  • Provide programs administered in a safe and educational environment.
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We organized a game with the Nike Soccer app. We’re playing at 134 W 122ND ST at 7:00 PM. Are you in?
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