Recess with E3Sports has resulted in less physical accidents in the yard since students are playing more structured and supervised games. The students are fully engaged in the activities and they look forward to seeing the coach everyday. Our parents notice the difference as well with less phone calls home during the school day and the children talk about the games they play at recess. It’s a program we can’t do without.
Theresa L. | School Program, (recess)
With an attentive, motivating E3Sports trainer, growing older no longer means getting slower, less balanced and more injury-prone. A late-blooming tennis player, I am, nevertheless, still developing every aspect of my physical competitive wherewithal, along with a confident inner core. In particular, for a woman now in possession of greater foot speed, it’s great fun to be able to surprise the guys I often play with and… myself! And the benefits of regular E3Sports training spill over to my busy lifestyle. It is no exaggeration to say that life, in general, is easier, more joyous and, in a funny way, less dependent on winning or losing.
Bru G. | Private Training, (tennis)
I started out my E3SPORTS experience by taking their group fitness class at my gym. What attracted me to the class and kept me coming back each week was its interesting variety of total body fitness conditioning. The E3Sports instructor was very knowledgeable in different types of exercises, stretch and recovery, injury prevention as well as being enthusiastic about teaching fitness. I not only learned new exercises but I learned about stretching and the importance of injury prevention and recovery. Through taking this class each week I was able to improve my stamina and speed through various cardio circuits. I increased my stability, flexibility and strength through a variety of exercises taught by the E3SPORTS instructor. I went into the class thinking I was just going to lift some weights and get into shape … but what I have learned is so much more. I am now more educated and knowledgeable about my body, fitness and exercise through the help of the E3SPORTS instructor. After taking the class and loving the way E3SPORTS is designed I started training with one of the E3SPORTS performance specialists. In the few months working with this trainer I have been able to reach some personal fitness goals I had set at the beginning of our training. The thing I like most about the E3SPORTS instructors are their support in helping their clients reach whatever goals they set and doing so in a way that makes it enjoyable and fun!
Dayna A. | School Program, (recess)
Since I began training with E3Sports several years ago, I have experienced major improvement in my stamina, core strength, agility and overall fitness level. I travel for work all around the world—from London to Zurich to Dubai to Hong Kong or Tokyo, and I am constantly being asked by other trainers and people I encounter about my training program. E3Sports training has given me a great work ethic with a “portable” training regimen that keeps me focused, energized and excited about training.
David H. | Private Training, (fitness)
E3SPORTS has really imporved my footwork and because of this I am a much better tennis player.
James R. | Private Training, (tennis)
E3SPORTS has helped me understand the importance of stretching and warming up.
Michael O. | Private Training, (tennis & basketball)
I initially started training with E3Sports to help me prepare for my for my second marathon. They worked with me to improve strength, speed, stability, form, flexibility, and recovery. I was able to decrease my marathon time by 20 minutes and had a much quicker and painless recovery than my first marathon. I’ve continued to train with E3Sports since then, and have started to do triathlons. E3Sports continues to push me each week to new fitness levels, and customizes our weekly training sessions for my specific needs. Training with E3Sports has made me a stronger and more well balanced athlete.
Kate S. | Private Training, (running)
Since working out with E3SPORTS I’ve seen a marked improvement in my strength, coordination and overall appearance. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to see results in a short period of time through a personalized workout program.
Debbie H. | Private Training, (fitness)
I play soccer with Manhattan soccer club and I train with at E3SPORTS. It has helped me a lot in developing strength in both my upper and lower body. I had some knee problems prior to E3Sports and since I’ve been working with them my knees have felt good. Everyone at E3Sports is very nice and friendly. I am so glad I started training with E3Sports.
Ali H. | Private Training, (soccer)
After watching E3Sports do the performance training for Gilad Bloom Tennis, I decided to try training with them on my own. I’ve always started work out programs but never continued, working out with E3Sports changed that. Their style and technique makes working out fun and I actually look forward to it every week for the first time in my life.
Sofia F. | Team Training, (tennis)
What a blast I had with your trainer! He whipped me and what a great personality! Not only is he concerned, he is very attentive, informative, knowledgeable and fun. I have been training in the most primitive ways compared to what E3Sports is doing.
Dan L. | Private Training, (fitness)
E3SPORTS makes me want to practice and become the best I can be. With E3SPORTS I’ve learned how important it is to improve.
Reggie L. | Private Training, (basketball)
E3SportsFriday, March 27th, 2020 at 4:09pm
When times are tough, we adapt! Don’t let this social distancing/quarantining period become a time of self sabotage. Of course, due to gym closures our training routines will be far from normal. However, two of the most important training variables, consistency and effort, are still relevant. It doesn’t matter if we are in the gym or in our homes. We may not be making PR’s on our bench press. Although, we can still be consistent with quality, effort-driven movement. Especially in a time when our immune systems need to be functioning optimally.
Stuck at home and need help? Shoot us a DM/email to work with an E3Sports Performance Specialist to ensure movement is still an aspect of your daily life despite the circumstances! E3Sports’ “At Home Program” will be delivered right to your phone via Bridge™️ with access to a virtual coach for any questions or coaching you may need!
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Wednesday, March 25th, 2020 at 2:07pm
We have curated a workout playlist for student-athletes to follow along with at home. It is comprised of movements that involve zero equipment and instead focus on using your body weight.
E3Sports - No Equipment Workout via @YouTube
Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 at 7:16pm
As schools officially transition to Remote Learning and Regional Enrichment Centers, E3Sports is proud to offer ⁦ @NYCSchools⁩ Remote Recess Enrichment programming for all students.
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Monday, March 23rd, 2020 at 11:09pm
We can’t have half of America at the beach & the other half on lock down. We need a national lockdown at the same time for at least 14 days to lower the infection rate, protect our hospitals, health care workers & those at risk. It’s a sacrifice that we must make. #COVIDActNow
Monday, March 23rd, 2020 at 11:25am
Iceland has tested a higher proportion of its citizens for coronavirus than anywhere else in the world. Its found about half of those who tested positive are non-symptomatic
Saturday, March 21st, 2020 at 8:32pm
NEW: Due to the imperative of social distancing, team sports are no longer allowed in NYC Parks (basketball, soccer, etc.)

You can go to the park for exercise and fresh air, but you must remain 6 feet apart from those not in your household.
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