At E3Sports we recruit, train, and place the highest quality coaching candidates for all types of sports at any level of play.

Every season all Athletic Directors are faced with the task of finding high-quality coaches for their athletic programming. School pride is on the line as well as the positive development of their student athletes. Coaching turnover is something that is unavoidable and can cause a great disruption in team development.

E3Sports is here to support your athletic program.

Using our online database, Athletic Directors can easily communicate with E3Sports to find the right coach for their teams. Need a coach that is heavy on the fundamentals for a young, up-and-coming middle school team? Have a varsity team needing an experienced coach as well as an expert on the X’s and O’s? Starting a program with 3rd graders that needs a coach with a focus on working with kids? We have candidates that match any skill set. All candidates are prescreened and prepared to meet with you and you have the final say in approving any candidate. This is a great tool to add to your search arsenal – post as many coaching requests without impacting your budget.

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For information on how E3Sports can support your preseason preparations, please visit the training section.

All interested applicants should visit our Careers page for a current listing of available positions. If you don’t see something in your field of interest, you can always submit a general application and indicate the sport you are looking to coach. We can work through our networks to try and connect you with a position that best fits your skill set.

All potential coaches need to have the following valid certifications in CPR/AED, First Aid, and Concussion prior to an interview.

Additionally, all applicants MUST have practical, hands-on knowledge of the sport they are applying for, either as an accomplished athlete or coach or a combination of both. Regularly scheduled professional development sessions are required for all coaches placed in one of our positions. There are approximately 2-4 sessions per season, depending upon schedule.

Please provide a resume, cover letter, and references.


No phone calls, please.

As sports evolve, so do student athletes and how we effectively coach them. Continue your coaches’ education with injury prevention Professional Development. Learn how simply mastering body weight in optimal movement patterns can dramatically reduce the risk of overuse, repetitive stress injuries while enhancing your athletes’ overall athletic development.

Additionally, clinics also cover topics related to the mental and psychological factors contributing to a student athlete’s performance. Sleep quality, overall mood, and fatigue are just some of the subjects covered. E3Sports will also teach your coaches how to help your teams find mental focus to heighten awareness on the field.

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