We all have been trained by social media to obsess over our core. What people typically fail to realize is that your back is part of your core and your core is really the entire middle of your body. Have a habitually tight back? Core strength issues. Crunches and sit ups are not the sole solution to your core strength as it really only works on one side of your core (ironically the side you can see better) and usually those exercises aren’t completed with optimal body position, so you may be doing more harm than good.

To relieve back stress, you’ve got to make it stronger. The target areas are the glutes, hip complex, and lumbar spine. Did you know that humans have some of the largest rear ends in the animal kingdom in comparison to the rest of our body? We have bigger butts (percentage-wise) than elephants. The reason is because we’re biped animals and we need our glutes to keep us upright. The lumbar spine and hips are directly related to the glutes and are the key locations for the transferring of energy between the upper and lower halves of the body.

How do you effectively get the deep core strength? It’s actually rather simple and you can do all of these exercises at home with very little equipment.

Equipment needs: mini-band, Theraband, superband, softball, yoga mat (or towel), a hard surface, and a wall.

Exercises lying down on a hard surface: clamshell (mini-band), figure 4 (mini-band), dead bug, single and double leg lowers (superband).

Exercises standing up: trigger point release (softball), multi-planar hip activation (Theraband), ½ kneeling hip flexor progressions, walking lunges, lateral lunges.

Take care of your entire core, not just the parts you can see. When you get your hair cut, you cut the whole head of hair, not just the part you can see in the mirror!