As the premier sports performance company with an emphasis on enhancing athletic ability and reducing injury potential, E3Sports continues to research the most effective ways to safely train the human body to maximize performance. E3Sports combines proven training methods with innovative research and technology to maximize personal training and ensure healthy and productive workouts. Our licensed trainers emphasize injury prevention and focus on corrective exercise with every workout while offering the tools and information for a healthy body and mind 24/7.

Structurally, E3Sports utilizes the Functional Movement Screen to assess movement and detect any imbalances or dysfunctions that could lead to injury. A corrective exercise program is implemented to establish a foundation to build strength and power, while also cleaning up any faulty movements. E3Sports also makes use of the iMett from Woodway, which is an easy to use, metabolic testing system that evaluates and monitors aerobic fitness by determining each individual’s anaerobic threshold.

Want to know your Functional Movement Score? Follow the link below for more information on E3Sports’ Training Programs, as well as further details on the Functional Movement Screen and iMett.