E3Sports program design during a training session or fitness class focuses on movement quality, dynamic ability, reactiveness, endurance, and recovery via Zoom or in-person where permitted*

Grab a friend and try an online Zoom class or an in-person session to get a fun workout in! Our instructors will put you through professionally designed programs that blend interval training with varying intensities. E3Sports has a variety of kids and adult classes to choose from that focus on balance, corrective exercise, power, strength, endurance, and sport-specific movement.  Fitness challenges and trivia rest intervals make our classes unique and create a sense of team spirit.

Price:ADULTS 45 minutesKIDS/SENIORS 30 minutes
 $30 per class   $20 per class
$25 per class (10 or more) $15 per class (10 or more)

Move better. Perform better. Personal training performance development is the foundation behind E3Sport’s methodology. You will learn our system online via Zoom or in-person where permitted as you polish up movement patterns and activate muscles to produce power more efficiently while acquiring lean muscle strength. Rev up your metabolic engine with intense intervals that will elevate your cardiovascular health and make you sweat. Meditate at the end of every session with our signature “Power Down” and visualize your pathway to success.

Price: $125 per session

    $115 per session (10 or more)

Train with your teammates and get after it with a sport-specific group training class online via Zoom or in-person where permitted. We offer soccer, baseball, and basketball skill development lead by elite sport performance coaches in NYC. Programs are designed to enhance technical and tactical ability while developing your knowledge of the game.  Overall general group fitness sessions focusing on speed, agility, and power are also available.

Price: $85 per session per person

    $75 per session per person (10 or more)

*In-person fitness services are available for personal and group training only in outdoor locations where social distancing is available and CDC guidelines will be followed.

Questions? Call (800) 596-7503