My name is Andrew FitzGerald and I am the Co-Founder of E3Sports. Back in 2005, I saw a growing need for education, training, and lifestyle behavior modification among student-athletes in New York City. While brainstorming ideas with a personal training client and future business partner (Andrei Lloyd), we agreed many could benefit from injury prevention and athletic development training and thus E3Sports was born. E3Sports stands for Educate-Exercise-Evolve, but it has become much more than that in the last 9 years. From training dragon boat racing cancer survivors over the age of 65 to developing public school curriculum to reduce risk of diabetes and obesity, and training athletes of all ages, populations and professionals such as NFL, NBA, US Army and Blue Man Group, E3Sports has grown multi-dimensionally. With 2014 upon us, E3Sports has set new goals to meet and exceed and we want share our journey with our community as it happens.