E3Sports has been the leader in Recess Enrichment for many schools in and around the New York area for years. Specialized coaches ensure that students maximize their allotted recess time through physical and mental stimulation. Our program is designed to improve students’ attention, focus, behavior, and overall learning in the classroom, while helping to teach kids about the importance and benefits of being physically active each and every day.

Whether it is outside on the playground or indoors in a gymnasium or auditorium, E3Sports Recess Enrichment Program has been created to ensure every student is involved in physical activity during the school day and our unique fitness activities will help increase student physical activity throughout your school. Other initiatives, like Word-of-the-week and Movement-of-the-week, offer ways for students to take what they learn in recess and apply it outside of their school setting to increase overall activity and strengthen their body and mind.

Introducing On-Call

E3Sports started the New Year with a new addition to their Recess Enrichment Programs. This addition was created in hopes of developing a program that is flexible enough for the many different needs a school might have. E3Sports’s on-call program gives the school the flexibility of deciding when and where they need a coach. During those cold winter days many schools do not want to have their kids sit and watch movies, with E3Sports on call the school has the ability to call in a coach to facilitate an active recess indoors. This new program is a great way to give the kids the activity they need, when they need it most.