New Year, New Addition to E3Sports Recess Enrichment Programming

E3Sports has been the leader in Recess Enrichment for many schools in and around the New York area for years. Specialized coaches ensure that students maximize their allotted recess time through physical and mental stimulation. Our program is designed to improve students’ attention, focus, behavior, and overall learning in the classroom, while helping to teach [...]

E3Sports Training Can Help You to a Happy and Healthy 2015

As the premier sports performance company with an emphasis on enhancing athletic ability and reducing injury potential, E3Sports continues to research the most effective ways to safely train the human body to maximize performance. E3Sports combines proven training methods with innovative research and technology to maximize personal training and ensure healthy and productive workouts. Our [...]

E3Sports Coaches Finish 2014 with a Bang

The coaching staff of E3Sports wrapped up 2014 on a very strong note. Several coaches finished the fall season with winning records, as well as winning a few conference titles and one state championship. Soccer: All three E3Sports varsity soccer coaches lead their teams to a top 3 finish in their conference tournaments. Riverdale’s Boys [...]

Better Warm-ups and Exercises Can Help Reduce ACL Injuries for Children

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia uncovered recent data showing a 400% increase in ACL tears treated at their facility from 1999 to early 2011 increasing 11% annually. This is an alarming fact among children and E3Sports believes it can be dramatically reduced. The culprit of this specific injury is the rise of organized sports and [...]

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Superband!

A Superband is an incredibly versitale piece of fitness equipment designed for long-lasting, heavy-duty use. It is like having the ulitmate lifesize rubber band to add a new level of difficulty to your workout. With the cold weather setting in, many athletes are moving their workouts indoors. These bands can withstand the same outdoor intensity [...]

Power Up Before Your Workout

The Power Up implements Brain Gym® protocols to create a mind-body approach, which sets a foundation for children of recurring good behavior as well as positive learning experiences. Additionally, the Power Up is a powerful tool teams are utilizing to experience better focus on the field for better overall performance. Recent research shows meditative exercise [...]

Is Better Overall Stability Your Goal? Then Know Your Roll!

If you have a full round foam roll, then you should pick up one of its cousins: the half foam roll. While the full roll is primarily used for working out the knots in cranky muscles, the half roll is perfect for improving overall stability from the ground up. They come in two sizes: 1-foot [...]

Featured Product: Massage Stick

The massage stick is a portable item that can help relieve tension in just about all muscles in the body. Here are 3 exercises that target the most common tense areas:   Hamstrings Improves: increases blood flow in the back of the legs and takes tension off the lower back Goal: lengthen leg muscles to [...]

E3Sports Recess Programs Help Kids do Better in School

E3Sports conducts recess enrichment programs every day of the school year for over 5,000 kids in over 10 public schools throughout the NY area. We have always believed in the importance of a proper physical education program for children and the role it plays in helping them to do better in school and life. “The [...]

Not Sure How to Ease Sore Muscles? Know Your Roll

Foam rolls and massage sticks are some of the more under-utilized pieces of equipment in a fitness arsenal. Their usage is essential in all E3Sports program designs specifically to decreasing potential for injury, increasing strength and boosting performance levels. Need to roll at home? Use the foam roll. Need to roll before your next game? [...]