E3Sports Helps Put New York City on the MLB Scouting Map

One of the teams E3Sports works closely with is The New York Grays Baseball Club. The NY Grays were interested in professional performance training for their athletes at the highest level. They asked E3Sports to educate their athletes utilizing both our custom designed Injury Prevention and Athletic Development programs. Each age group participates in a [...]

Need Some Creativity in Your Workout? Go Bar Hopping!

An Economy Aerobic Bar is one of the most overlooked pieces of personal fitness equipment. It is compact enough to fit in the smallest of New York City apartments and yet versatile enough to add intensity as well as variety to any training program. Aerobic bars are made of solid steel encased in a resilient [...]

The Modern Day Coach

What is a coach? A leader? A teacher? Innovator? Answer: All of the above.   In the world of sports performance training, there is a wide array of responsibilities that go hand-in-hand with properly developing athletes. Take a look around and you will see über-competitive club sports dominating playing fields, courts, and ice rinks. ESPN [...]

Inception of E3Sports

My name is Andrew FitzGerald and I am the Co-Founder of E3Sports. Back in 2005, I saw a growing need for education, training, and lifestyle behavior modification among student-athletes in New York City. While brainstorming ideas with a personal training client and future business partner (Andrei Lloyd), we agreed many could benefit from injury prevention [...]